Agrigento. Prejudiced, he escapes from house arrest to violently attack his former partner arrested

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The State Police of Sciacca, in the late evening of 30 July 2022, arrested PV of 53 years, prejudiced, because caught in the flagrantee of the crimes of resistance to a public official, evasion from the measure of home detention and attempted trespassing in against the former life partner.

In particular, the police were alerted on the emergency line 112 by the woman while the man was trying to violently break into his home, kicking and punching the front door.
The Volante then arrived at the place indicated, noting at first that in front of the entrance door there was glass on the ground and the upper window of the right door of the same door was shattered.

At the same juncture, the previously reported man – subjected to the regime of home detention – was noted, in an evident state of psycho / physical alteration from alcohol, tried to reach the home of the injured party, threatening her verbally.
The Agents, at this point, were forced to physically stand between the man and the woman’s home, thus containing the extreme physical and verbal vehemence with which the same continued to oppose, making him enter the passenger compartment of the ‘service car where he, not paid, continued to scream and throw kicks and punches against the safety glass partition placed between the front and the rear of the specialized machine.

For these conducts, as mentioned, the man was arrested and under the order of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Sciacca, translated into prison.
The same Judicial Authority assumed the coordination of the subsequent investigations that allowed to bring out a relational cross-section of the couple characterized by serious violence and threats addressed in the recent past by the man also to the mother of the ex-girlfriend.

The investigators, in a very short period of time, crystallized in this regard a probative framework consisting of mistreatment through heavy insults, beatings, threats and injuries suffered by the woman, conduct which in some cases resulted in physical and sexual violence made of slaps, jerks and punches , in an escalation of brutality that reached its peak when the man was clearly drunk.

On one occasion, the woman, literally taken by the neck by the man, found refuge with her parents.
For these reasons, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Sciacca requested from the competent Office of the Judge for Preliminary Investigations of the Court of Sciacca the extent of the prison custody that the GIP, in consideration of the serious evidence collected, accepted in full, considering it proportionate with respect to the gravity.
of the disputed facts and adequate to the precautionary needs, providing the suspect, as well as the validation of the arrest, the extent of the precautionary custody in prison.

06 August 2022 | 01:11

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