Agrigento Prefect: Lampedusa unable to receive more migrants

The message that it is important for NGOs to understand is that not allowing them to dock in Lampedusa does not mean wanting to harm them or cause further problems. It simply means that Lampedusa, both now and in the recent past, is absolutely unable to receive any more refugees. It means making it clear that bringing in more people would imply inadequate treatment. This statement was made by the prefect of Agrigento, Filippo Romano, regarding the controversies surrounding the NGO ship Ocean Viking and the 438 non-EU individuals on board being assigned Genoa as the port. Yesterday, with 65 arrivals, 1,918 people arrived; today, after 29 disembarkations, 1,116 have arrived.

Il prefetto di Agrigento: Lampedusa non può ricevere altri migranti

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