Agrigento, possession of narcotic substances: arrested non-EU citizen

Last Wednesday, July 21, around 1 pm, in Agrigento, the State Police proceeded to arrest a non-EU citizen in flagrant crime for possession of drugs for the purpose of drug dealing.

The men of the UPGSP during a targeted territorial control service aimed at combating drug trafficking, at the lower station, recognized a non-EU citizen, of Gambian nationality of about 20 years, with various police prejudices for drug crimes, robbery , personal injury and resistance to a Public Official. The non-EU citizen, at the sight of the operators, quickly went up to the edge of the train. This prompted officers to board the train to verify the reason for the suspicious behavior.

Following a personal search, the police officers found 25.5 grams of cocaine packaged in a plastic bag, cleverly concealed by the foreign citizen. For this reason the operating agents proceeded to arrest the non-EU citizen in flagrant crime and after the formalities of the rite the man was taken to the Agrigento prison.

In addition, the same was reported for the violation of the ordinance of prohibition of residence in the province of Agrigento.