Agrigento, Piazzetta Livatino inaugurated. The Miccichè administration: “A beautiful day for the city”

On the sidelines of the inauguration of Piazzetta Livatino and the “Garden of Legality”, the municipal councilors Marco Vullo, Giovanni Vaccaro, Aurelio Trupia and Roberta Lala in thanking everyone for the extraordinary commitment lavished on this significant day, undertake a commitment in concert with the Mayor Franco Miccichè and with the people of Agrigento, May 8 will be institutionalized as a day of legality.
The Councilors continue: “Today with the help of everyone we have put the first stone to restore the Piazzetta and the Garden of Legality in memory of an extraordinary figure such as Judge Livatino, but it is only the beginning of a path party and that must not stop. We make a commitment with all the people of Agrigento: May 8, the day of the inauguration of this square, will become the Day of Legality. This area must be enlivened and must be a place of everlasting testimony for young people, school groups and not to forget how many innocent victims have fallen at the hands of the mafia. Every May 8th this square will become the place for the celebration of Legality and the desire to grow in compliance with the laws. Fontanelle is a healthy neighborhood and it will be even more so, because together with the young people and the many testimonies it will become an increasingly luxuriant garden of ideas, initiatives and moments of confrontation and reflection. The same garden will be expanded with a path of legality by inserting other steles of men and women who fell at the hands of the mafia. And another goal that we will achieve is to implement the Piazzetta with games for children. From today we can say it loudly: the train of legality is open to everyone and passengers will be the first to support us in a process of general growth that has Fontanelle and Piazzetta Livatino as its first stop ”.

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