Agrigento, Mareamico Rotonda Cannatello is dangerous

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“To the south of the city there is a roundabout that divides the traffic coming from San Leone, from the Vill.
Mosè, from Cannatello, from Zingarello and from via Cavaleri Magazzeni.
This is a very busy crossroads that every day sees various vehicles involved in accidents and over time has also caused some deaths.
” Thus in a note the environmental association Mareamico.

“At this crossroads there are several critical issues, but the most serious is represented by the fact that some vehicles coming from San Leone, not respecting the right turn, go straight on, risking the front with those coming from Vill.
It would be appropriate to mount a bollard (as in the photo) to reduce the danger! “

Sicilian news 2022-06-29 08:38:00

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