Agrigento, Maddalusa beach case, the intervention of Legambiente

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The president of the Circolo Rabat of Legambiente Agrigento, Daniele Gucciardo, intervenes following the seizure of the Maddalusa beach in San Leone.
And he says: “A little over a year ago we organized a day of cleaning the beach of Maddalusa.
And we reported to the Carabinieri Cultural Heritage Protection of Palermo the presence of a building used as a bathing establishment called “Maddalusa Mare Foresteria” inside the Valle dei Templi Park, adding that not only activities provided for by the regulations were carried out inside, such as the use of the sea and catering, but also unforeseen activities such as non-hotel activities.
We asked for verification.
We have known nothing until today when the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Agrigento, delegating the Judicial Police, Coast Guard and Traffic Police proceeded with the preventive seizure of the structure.
We are very surprised that to begin to verify the regularity of this artifact it was necessary for the national press to deal with it.
In the past we have reported other alleged abuses in prestigious beaches of the Agrigento area, in violation of the rules on the naturalistic protection of Sites of Community Importance, but we are still waiting for the checks to take place.


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