Agrigento Italy is NOT what we expected! (Sicily Road Trip Pt 3)

Agrigento Sicily is famous for the Valley of the Temples, but we were not sure what to expect of the city itself. Our first impressions …


  1. Please! You're in Sicily! Stop it with the peanut butter and jelly already! Great video though. Thank you.

  2. The original Romans were of Aeolic and Doric Hellenic descent. The aeolodoric mixture of Greek dialects was developed into what came to be known as Latin. The alphabet they used (abc)was the local Alphabet of Cyme, Euboia, Greece. They were a warlike bunch. The prefix -con is the Roman(aka Latin) equivalent of the attic Greek prefix -syn(i.e. Syn-tax,Syn-dicate,Syn-ergy etc). The suffix -cordia, derives from attic Grk XΟΡΔΗ(CHORDE in Roman letters) which has passed on to english as "chord", so Con-cordia, reffes to chords played together in harmony, and is the Roman equivalent of the attic Grk ΣΥΝ-ΧΟΡΔΙΑ(syn-chordia) which means exactly the same thing. The non Roman Greek residents of Italy would call their city (ΑΚΡ-ΑΓΑΣ) Akr-agas [Akre means "edge" (acr-onym, acre etc), and named as such because it was built on an edge of the coastline), while the temple was dedicated to the godess Har-monia responsible for the musical harmony created by chords properly played together. Kudos.

  3. Guys I am a Sicilian vlogger! Are you still in Sicily? I would love to show you some places!

  4. Do your home work, study some art history, "really cool", is not a description for antiquities.. Study the history of the ancient world.. So shallow. !

  5. Fabulous walk through the valley of the temples. It looks great at sunset and then enjoying the temples illuminated. Thanks for sharing 👍

  6. Really love how you always include history in every vlog. You'll surely make it big! Live you both! 😘

  7. My fave YT travel chennel. Really well produced videos that are getting better and better.

  8. That was awesome…but such a short vlog! "Please sir, can I have some more?"

  9. Ashley, you have to share–what products are you using in your hair?? Every video your hair looks so shiny. Please don't tell me it's just genetics 😥

  10. Can't wait to see the valley of the temples ! Will go at Twilight. Amazing place 👍