Agrigento, is a divorce between Forza Italia and the mayor Miccichè

Towards the divorce between Forza Italia and the mayor of Agrigento Francesco Miccichè. A little less than two weeks after the resignation of councilor Antonio Scinta and the heated debate in the city council, which ensued, the former blue administrator breaks the silence and comments on the story that saw him reluctantly the protagonist of a fracture within the majority.

“I considered it appropriate and coherent in political terms – says Antonio Scinta – that, following the political positions taken by the Forza Italia party, of which they are an expression, or the assumption of a critical attitude towards the management of the Municipality by the mayor , it would no longer have been possible to maintain an active and executive position within the junta that supports Franco Miccichè and therefore of the majority ».

Scinta therefore shares the initiative of his party or his resignation was a duty. The former councilor remains loyal to the party therefore and renounces the post of councilor, despite, probably as often happens, he had been proposed to remain in office as long as he left the Azzurri.

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