Agrigento Hospital, Iacolino: "Provide for the maintenance of connecting roads"


"The rains of recent times have made the journey on the roads leading to the Agrigento hospital even more complicated. The lack of maintenance has highlighted the shortcomings of an inadequate road system that penalizes health workers, employees, users and the related means of transport ", says director Giorgia Iacolino.

"The municipalities of Agrigento and Favara, with Anas and Libero Consorzio, which have expertise on the roads leading to the hospital, should act in harmony with a common program aimed at eliminating the pitfalls that characterize the aforementioned road system. Institutions involved that around a table establish the procedures to be adopted and the times for carrying out maintenance work.

To make this wish concrete, it could be valuable – concludes Giorgia Iacolino – the intervention of His Excellency the Prefect of Agrigento, to whom I also address, to bring together the artists of the …

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