Agrigento, Firetto changes the team and tries an encore: “There is a path to complete”

Agrigento, -firetto-change-the-team-and-try-an-encore: -

The Agrigento citizens will judge the work of the first citizen Calogero Firetto whose office had an appendix due to the Coronavirus emergency.

His detractors say that by the June deadline he would have come with breathlessness, total closure, direct facebook, everything will be fine and the relative postponement of the vote would have reinvigorated the mayor, whose popularity would have grown thanks to social media and the postponement of the competition from June to 4 and 5 October would have allowed him to lock the lists.

In fact, in support of the outgoing mayor there are seven symbols and an added value could be represented by the support of “Onda” and “Noi” which report to the regional deputy Carmelo Pullara.

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