Agrigento, enhancement of tourist itineraries

Municipal administration of the capital working on a project that aims to enhance cultural tourism, enhancing the peculiarities of the territory. A new life for the heart of the City of Temples

AGRIGENTO – Addressing the economic crisis also giving more space to the historical and path tourism. This is the direction taken by the municipal council of Agrigento led by Franco Miccichè, who is focusing on redevelopment of tourist routes and itineraries between the square in front of Palazzo Tomasi and Via Atenea.

An idea already started by the former mayor of Agrigento, Lillo Firetto, and which now finds its rightful place within the government campaign. In fact, the current municipal administration has approved the executive project for the improvement of the routes.

The work plan, the definitive one, dates back to August 2016 and the estimated amount was 1,898,784.67 euros. In the meantime, urban planning has obtained the authorization from the Superintendence of Cultural and Archaeological Heritage and that of the Territory and Environment sector, on compliance with urban planning instruments.

What do you expect now? The Executive headed by Franco Micciché will put everything in the hands of the Prime Minister’s Office with which the Entity has already approved a specific agreement on the methods of disbursement of funding, implementation and reporting on the proposed projects. Value in the past, therefore, for a tourism to be strengthened.

But there are also other treasures of the area that should be valued. In the meantime, in fact, in nearby Racalmuto the eighteenth-century Church of Itria is in a state of neglect – closed for decades – and the firefighters had to intervene to restore the façade to safety, avoiding that anyone could get hurt. Due to the strong gusts of wind that in recent weeks have affected the entire province of Agrigento, the iron cross, placed on the roof at the height of the main entrance door, risked falling dangerously to the ground. Also removed some rubble that risked falling on the road and the entire structure. Part of Corso Garibaldi has been appropriately cordoned off.

We hope this will serve as a warning to study a renovation project and return a historic building to the community.

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