Agrigento, dives and risks drowning in San Leone: 17 years old rescued by the lifeguard

So much fear and happy ending for a 17 year old girl who risked drowning in the area of ​​San Leone, in Agrigento. According to initial information, the young woman dived from the rocks, she drank a lot of water, risking drowning.

The prompt intervention of the lifeguard present on the beach allowed the same to reach the unfortunate to bring her back to shore. An ambulance arrived on the spot and the 118 health workers, after providing first aid, decided to transfer the 17-year-old to the San Giovanni di Dio hospital.

From the first checks the girl would not have reported any particular physical consequences but only a lot of fear for having risked drowning in the waters of San Leone. The men of the Port Authority also intervened in Viale delle Dune for the relevant findings.

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