Agrigento – "Disputes on the treatment of prostate cancer", specialists compared: the program


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Event date: From 12/07/2019 to 12/7/2019

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"Disputes on the treatment of prostate cancer", specialists compared, Saturday 7 December, in Canicattì. "Prostate cancer is, by number of cases, the most widespread among men in Italy. It is necessary, to combat it, that all specialists work together. As with breast cancer, it is proven that only with a multidisciplinary approach can significant results be obtained in the treatment ".

This was stated by the doctor Antonino Savarino, medical director responsible for the operational unit of opcology of the “Barone Lombardo” hospital of Canicattì, Scientific director of the conference “Disputes on the treatment of prostate cancer” which will gather in the classroom next Saturday, 7 December conferences of the canicattinese health center, numerous specialists in the subject.

"By number of cases registered among men – adds doctor Savarino – prostate cancer is the most widespread. Suffice it to say that in Italy there are 35,000 new cases a year, while 450,000 are the people who have had this cancer, have treated it and have periodic checks. Unfortunately, we report an increase in incidence, but not an increase in mortality, and this is thanks to early diagnosis (with the Psa dosage), surgery, radiotherapy and new drugs that allow us to treat the disease ".

Currently the survival rate among those affected by this carcinoma exceeds 90 percent. A clear step forward compared to the past.

"During the conference – concludes Dr. Antonino Savarino – we will discuss innovative therapies to address the pathology in question, but also treatment strategies. This is what was said last week during the conference on breast cancer: what makes the difference is the multidisciplinary approach. All the specialists, each working together according to their own competence, put themselves at the patient's service and obtain important results. This is the way to continue to improve care ".

The work of the conference, which foresees the presence of speakers with an important experience in the treatment of prostate cancer, will be opened and concluded by Dr. Antonino Savarino, and will include a morning and an afternoon session. Participating doctors will be assigned 8 credits.

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