Agrigento, devastate plants and flowers, then apologize


They devastated plants and flowers in a vase, placed by the Railways, to embellish the atrium of the central Agrigento railway station. Then they ran away. After some investigations, those responsible were identified, traced and reported by the agents of the Agrigento Railway Police. They are two minors from Agrigento, one of whom is not attributable.

The police, after some investigations, and thanks to the vision of the images of the cameras of the video surveillance system, managed to give the hooligans a face and a name. They were summoned together with their parents. The two boys apologized for the silly action, and to be "forgiven" for the stunt they decided to pay the damage out of their own pockets.

They bought plants and flowers, of the same type as those uprooted and broken, and then planted them in the same pot.

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