Agrigento – At the Costabianca theater on stage “Camicette bianche”


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Event date: From 06/08/2019 to 06/08/2019 only today

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"White blouses" taken from the book of the same name by Ester Rizzo and adapted by the director Marco Savatteri, is a musical that recalls how the Sicilians were a people of migrants.

"It was the early 1900s, and our grandparents sought their fortune by crossing the ocean. They carried with them dreams and despair. We were also at sea. And it was also Clotilde Terranova, a 19-year-old Sicilian girl who worked in a factory where they produced "white blouses", and which went on fire in 1911 … "

The show is part of the theatrical review of the event "Scala dei Turchi – Costabianca 2019" and is the work of the company "La Casa del Musical", organized in synergy by the Acuarinto Cultural Association and the Municipality of Realmonte. It will take place on Tuesday, August 6th at 9:30 pm, at the Teatro Costabianca in Realmonte.

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