Agrigento: after 4 months the multi-storey car park reopens. It will be usable for the New Year’s concert

To Agrigento the multi-storey car park reopens on the occasion of New Year’s in the square. This news was welcomed with enthusiasm by the citizens who, since the beginning of last September, were unable to park their cars in the designated area in via Empedocle.

On 8 September, the Municipality of Agrigento, on the instructions of the fire brigade of the Provincial Command, ordered the indefinite closure of the entire structure after a fire caused by a car, owned by the municipality, on the ground floor of the multi-storey car park , which took place on the 2nd. There had been damage to the electrical and video surveillance systems.

After 4 months, the structure is back in use to allow the many people who will go to Piazza Marconi to attend the end-of-year show, in which Achille Lauro will participate, to park their cars.

No official announcement, but the name of the car park is mentioned in the union ordinance which imposes restrictions on vehicular traffic for December 31st, with road closures and no parking. The Municipality has identified a long list of parking areas: piazzale Rosselli, multi-storey car park in via Empedocle, via Gramsci, piazzale del Bonamorone cemetery, piazzale La Malfa, piazzale Manzoni (stadium area), Piana San Gregorio and Giunone nella Valle parking dei Templi (a shuttle to the center is provided).

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