Agrigento, 18kg expired food in restaurant: suspended activities


Activity suspended due to lack of sanitation as well as for the discovery of 18 kilos of seized food because it has expired or is lacking the necessary traceability. It happened over the weekend in Agrigento where the activity of a restaurant in Via Atenea, in the heart of the city of the Temples, was suspended.

The military of the Nas weapon and the Labor Inspectorate have scoured various commercial activities in the city center last weekend: pubs, restaurants, pizzerias.

At the expense of a restaurant, where the soldiers of the Army have first checked the dispensations trying to verify the traceability of the food finding, therefore, the first irregularities. Subsequently the control was extended also for the purpose of verifying compliance with sanitary regulations but, also in this case, anomalies were found.

Therefore, for the owner, another administrative sanction was taken, this time from 3800 euros, and the suspension of the activity, …

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