agreement with the Municipality to monitor the waste cycle

Editorial staff 16 September 2021 13:14

Share Prevent the abandonment of waste and offenses related to the sector, thanks to a faster and more precise exchange of information and greater institutional collaboration. This is the purpose of the agreement signed this morning at Villa Niscemi between Stefano Vignaroli, president of the parliamentary commission of inquiry on Ecomafie, and the mayor Leoluca Orlando. The signing of the agreement coincided with the visit to the city of the members of the parliamentary commission. The aim is to “structure and strengthen the collaboration between the municipal administration and its municipal police on the one hand and the commission on the other. In particular, it is envisaged that the municipal police transmit to the commission any information not covered by the secret of the investigation. regarding its own repressive and preventive activities of environmental crimes and also that the commission may make use, for its own institutional tasks, of the work of the judicial police nucleus of the Municipal Police Corps. The possibility of mutual participation in activities of training to the extent of their respective competence. “This is – said Mayor Leoluca Orlando – a very important memorandum of understanding that the Municipality of Palermo signs with the parliamentary commission of inquiry on Ecomafie in a spirit of institutional collaboration to establish together paths and activities aimed at contrasting any form of illegality linked to the waste cycle. And to stem, moreover, any form of uncivilized behavior on the part of citizens. to work better and better “. The Lega was absent from the ceremony, which saw in the signing of the agreement “paradoxically the certification of Orlando’s bankruptcy and its activities to combat environmental crimes”. for the leader of the delCarroccio at Palazzo delle Aquile, Igor Gelarda, and Marianna Caronia “the protocol provides for nothing else, in fact, other than what should be normal and that is that the Municipality informs the commission of its activities and that the commission also makes use of the Police Municipal for its investigative initiatives affecting the city of Palermo. In short, nothing extraordinary and that could not be done without some pompous ‘subscription’: the usual smoke in the eyes of Orlando, who regrets that the majority of a parliamentary commission, so much so as to bring several members, including the vice-president of the ecoreati commission Luca Briziarelli of the Lega, to desert this morning’s farce “. Your browser cannot play the video. You must deactivate ad-block to play the video. Mute sound Mute sound Mute sound Activate sound Spot Enable full screen Disable full screen The video cannot be played – please try again later. Wait just a moment … Maybe it might interest you …

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