Agreement signed between Asec Trade and the Order of Pharmacists Catania

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The agreement between Asec Trade was signed this morning, in the figure of the president Giovanni La Magna and the Order of Pharmacists Catania through the president Giovanni Puglisi.

“This agreement represents a further step that projects our company towards new markets and to broaden its customer base – says the president of Asec Trade Giovanni La Magna – I wanted to create this synergy with professional orders to give them an offer.
Those who want to join will have an immediate discount on the invoice and we will also pay them our home policy as a gift.
This is a further step towards local roots – continues La Magna – for these reasons I would like to thank those who enthusiastically welcomed this proposal aimed at reiterating that the company’s goal remains to be ever closer to the people “.
Also present at the signing of the agreement were the president of “Catania Rete Gas” Gianfranco Todaro and the promoter of the initiative Massimiliano Giacco in the dual role of member of the board of directors of Asec Trade and pharmacist.
During the meeting, the president of the Order of Pharmacists Giovanni Puglisi reiterated how “this convention is an important signal to our over 2,000 members.
In the presence of real savings, I am convinced that many will join this initiative “.

The president of “Catania Rete Gas” Gianfranco Todaro is also on the same wavelength: “With Asec Trade we are working in full synergy to give a service of exceptional quality to thousands of potential users.
Energy is the decisive theme for the future of any territory from which fundamental values ​​such as speed and efficiency arise “.
Concepts reaffirmed also by the member of the Asec Trade Board of Directors Massimiliano Giacco.
“With the gas and electricity market constantly changing, we need to stay close to the people.
With this initiative, also fully married by my colleague, Professor Francesco Nauta, all the pharmacists in Catania who join the initiative will be able to have a real discount on their bills “.

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