Agreement reached in Palermo: 42 workers to be rehired by two companies

Agreement reached for the continuity of employment for the 42 former Isolfin workers. Lagomarsino Anielli will absorb 37 workers with permanent contracts, 20 of whom will be reinstated in November and the rest by December 31. Tecnonaval s.r.l will hire 5 more workers with permanent contracts by November. The agreement was unanimously approved by the workers’ assembly after two months of protests and negotiations, following Fincantieri’s termination of the contract with Isolfin due to contractual breaches. The unions and Fincantieri have been working to ensure job security and the maintenance of contractual conditions for the workers. The positions of the 5 workers from Isolfin and the 25 insulators are still to be defined, with Fincantieri committed to finding solutions within the Palermo plant.

Ex Isolfin, accordo raggiunto a Palermo, i 42 lavoratori saranno riassorbiti da due aziende

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