Agirgento: 7,000 arancine seized from company producing them illegally

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An entrepreneur in his fifties from Agrigento was fined heavily after inspections by the Carabinieri of Nas in Palermo revealed that he was producing sweet products, but not gourmet ones. The military seized 7,000 arancine that had been recently produced without authorization, which were intended for distribution ahead of Easter. The company’s legal representative, who resides in Palermo, was also cited for poor storage and lack of traceability of some products. Inspections have been intensified in various areas of the island, particularly focusing on restaurants and food production, to ensure consumer safety. In late January, Nas conducted numerous checks on raw materials, seizing products lacking traceability at an olive oil mill in Messina and closing an unauthorized and unhygienic oil bottling plant in Ragusa.

Agrigento, sequestrate settemila arancine in un’azienda: erano prodotte abusivamente

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