Agira – Open city council requested on ASU problems – StartNews

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The opposition group has requested the convocation of a City Council with on the agenda the “Problems of Asu Workers in Local Authorities and activation of stabilization processes”. The note signed by the municipal councilors Maria Gagliano, Benedetta Casullo and Luigi Manno highlights the need for an “open” board debate to the contribution of authoritative representatives, through which a regulatory and operational framework can be defined to quickly reach solution of the Asu problem. On the occasion of the last City Council, the opposition leader Luigi Manno had been, after highlighting the opposition to the “suspension” of the Asu at the Municipality of Agira and the appeal to the Cassation of the Administration to propose the convocation of a Municipal Council ” open ”asking for the participation of authoritative representatives to urge the stabilization of the ASU. A proposal accepted by those present. Now the councilors have asked the President of the Municipal Council of Agira Mario Giardina to extend the invitation for the next City Council to the regional and national deputation of the Enna area, to the Regional Councilors of competence, to the mayors of the Free Consortium of Enna, to the representatives of the OO.SS and any experts in the sector in order to provide valid contributions to solve the problem.