After withdrawing from the university consortium, Porto Empedocle reaches an agreement and pays the debts

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The withdrawal, approved by the city council, from the “Empedocle” university consortium dates back to last March.
Just at the end of January, after an excursus on the debt situation of the Municipality of Porto Empedocle towards the Cua, the amount due – for which payment had been requested – had been quantified in 41,068.40 euros.
Money due as mandatory and unpaid corporate contributions from 2013 to 2020, plus default interest.
Not even a month later, that is the end of February, the two bodies reached an agreement: the university consortium of Agrigento renounced the 2013,14,15 annuities, noting that they will be liquidated by the SLO and payment by the Municipality of amounts relating to the years 2016, 17, 18, 19, 20 as well as the costs relating to the injunction procedure.
The municipality of the maritime city has therefore proceeded to commit the sum of 27,568.52 euros, of which 25,824.40 euros by lot and 1,745.12 euros for fees.
With a subsequent provision, the payment of the amount due will therefore be carried out.
The legitimacy of the off-balance sheet debt was, moreover, recognized by the city council on 18 May.

The same session in which the Assembly also recognized the legitimacy of the off-balance sheet debt of 10,371 euros due – and there had already been a warning for non-fulfillment of the obligation to pay annual contributions – to the Valle dei Templi tourist district in Agrigento.
Dues due from the years 2016 to 2020.

For the Valle dei Templi territorial tourist district, of which the Municipality of Porto Empedocle is a founding member, starting from 2012 the Municipality had to pay an annual compulsory membership fee of 500 euros.
The debt, after financial distress of the Municipality of Porto Empedocle, was precisely quantified at 10,731 euros.
Money which, also in this case, has been committed and which will be put into liquidation with a subsequent provision.

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