After the success of #Seescitischifio, the Ennese videomaker Davide Cameli launches the #SognoPositivo – EnnaOra project

A year after #Seescitischifio, the ironic campaign launched to invite everyone to respect the rules during the lockdown, the Ennese videomaker and social media strategist Davide Cameli launches a new project. It’s called #SognoPositivo. “It is an initiative dedicated to all those people who, in a world where everyone complains, are still able to dream and are already thinking about how to regain possession of their lives – explains Cameli, in the illustrative text of the video in which he describes the initiative. -. I wondered what message, after a year of #Seescitischifio, could be the one to pass today. Obviously I can’t invite you to stay at home, people are probably addicted to this fear, they probably ask themselves the question “why if other fans want what they want, I shouldn’t be able to do it too”. But there is one thing that, as a social media strategist, I noticed: There are two macro categories of people regarding the CoronaVirus. Who complains. Because the lockdown has put activities in crisis, because the measures do not seem sufficient, because the schools are closed … in short: those who complain. Who has rolled up their sleeves because if complaining is simple, acting and adapting to the changes that the CoronaVirus has brought is more difficult. And I decided to tell their experience. The experience of those who, despite the closures, despite the difficulties, preferred to say “I resist. It is from these people that I would like to start again, from those people for whom crises are such only if they do not find a solution ”.

Stories, such as that of Tommaso, a restaurateur who, with videos on Facebook, created the catchphrase “Now you win this thing of curriri?”, Aimed at all those who during the Lockdown have reinvented a running career.

Or like that of Mariangela and Manuela, two teachers (in different contexts) who had to face the difficulties of distance learning in a school that was probably not ready to manage it. The story of Giuseppe and Dario, two wedding photographers who have seen several booked weddings canceled this year. All stories of people who did not give up, who had the ability to adapt in their baggage.

“#SognoPositivo – concludes the text – is an initiative dedicated to all those people who, in a world where everyone complains, can still dream and are already thinking about how to take back their own life”.