"After the robbery he violates house arrest," a 24-year-old arrested and taken to jail


He had to remain under house arrest. The checks carried out by the state police have instead revealed the exact opposite. Yesterday, the police officers of the police station of Canicattì carried out the precautionary measure – issued by the investigating judge of the court of Agrigento – against Laura Savaia, 24 years old. The young woman was taken to prison.

The precautionary measure was reached after the police officers of the city police station reported the numerous violations under house arrest to which the young woman was subjected. After the execution of the aggravation of the dwelling obligation, disposed against him after the robbery against the Afghans (crime committed together with two other suspects ed.), Savaia – from 25 November – had to stay at home under house arrest. According to the accusation, however, there would have been very little since the controls carried out by the police patrols gave – was officially reconstructed – a negative result. Apparently, the young woman was wanted for several days precisely for the execution of the further aggravation of the precautionary measure.

The Canicattì police investigations were coordinated by the deputy public prosecutor Elenia Manno.

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