After the fight he runs over with his car, a 29-year-old arrested for attempted murder in Sortino

Attempted aggravated homicide is the charge for which the carabinieri of the Sortino Station and of the Sigonella Hunters Helicopter Squadron arrested a 29-year-old offender. The military had intervened near a bar for the damage to the shutter caused by the impact of a car. However, the discovery of a bloodstained handkerchief led the carabinieri to deepen the investigation by analyzing the cameras of the video surveillance systems in the area which highlighted how, during the night, in front of the bar, a serious attack had taken place against a man, repeatedly hit with sticks, kicks and punches by two people.

Again by viewing the video surveillance footage, the Carabinieri of Sortino identified the victim and the attackers, ascertaining that after the beatings, the attackers ran over the victim with their car, who remained stuck, for a few moments, between the vehicle and the shutter of the Cafe. The driver then engaged the reverse gear and headed at speed against him who, although injured, managed to move slightly avoiding the impact with the vehicle which crashed into the gate. Although the victim has not filed a complaint, the carabinieri have forwarded detailed information to the Syracuse prosecutor’s office, obtaining from the investigating judge the precautionary measure in prison against the main aggressor, a 29-year-old local offender, while his accomplice will answer for the charges against him in state of freedom

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