After 3 years, a child is removed from the foster family, a signature collection launched in Catania.

More than 21,000 signatures have been collected for the online petition on “Leave Miele with his mom and dad,” launched by the parents who have been fostering a baby abandoned in November 2020 in Ragusa for three years. This initiative follows a ruling by the Catania Court, ordering the child to be returned to his biological mother by December 28th. The foster parents had requested adoption. The baby was found by his biological father, who pretended to have casually found the child in front of his business. The baby was born from an extramarital relationship with a woman who already had two other children, including a girl for whom he is the father. The man was sentenced to two years in prison for child abandonment. The mother, who is also facing trial in February 2024 in Ragusa, claims to have entrusted the child to the biological father to take him to a hospital, but now seeks to have her son back. The foster family is assisted by a family and juvenile law specialist lawyer, who emphasized the importance of a child’s early years. The petition also appeals to the UN Commission for the Rights of the Child for the proper application of the law regarding pre-adoptive custody.

Dopo 3 anni un bambino viene tolto alla famiglia affidataria, lanciata a Catania una raccolta firme

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