“After 180 days of inactivity, the password must be renewed”

Drafting 15 September 2021 12:38

Share “Some district councilors report the failure of the Mobility portal , through which passes for the Ztl are renewed. The portal is functional and anyone can access it, after registering. , again for the benefit of citizens, who by law the passwords of users referring to public administration portals are removed after 180 days of inactivity and to reactivate your account just set a new password “. This is specified by the municipal councilor for innovation, Paolo Petralia Camassa, who adds: “Through the PalerMobilità App it is also possible to constantly monitor the expiration date of your Ztl pass. In any case, the administration provides, before the expiration date, to inform the holder of the pass through an e-mail. Citizens legitimately ask for more controls and the cameras are used to guarantee the correct functioning of the entrances to the LTZ. institutions do not give correct information, continually looking for tricks that only benefit the smartest “.

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