Affatigato and Micali at the helm of the Cisl Poste Palermo

At Isola delle Femmine the Congress and the Congress Assembly of the Coordination of Palermo. Here are the chosen ones

PALERMO – The III Congress Assembly of the Coordination of Palermo and the III Territorial Federative Congress of Palermo – Trapani.

Confirmed as Coordinator of the Territory of Palermo Maurizio Affatigato who, assisted by Martina Furceri and Giuseppe Miceli Soletta, as secretarial members, will lead the Palermo SLP in the next four years.

Maurizio Affatigato

At the same time, Filippo Micali was confirmed as CISL Palermo – Trapani SLP Territorial Secretary who, assisted by Vincenza Saladino and Francesco Cannone, as secretarial members, will lead the Palermo – Trapani SLP in the next four years.

The event saw the participation 160 between trade union delegates and managers elected in the workplace representing all members and the members of the territory. The presence of Poste’s corporate representation in the person of the Human Resources Manager of the Sicily Region Michele Deiana was appreciated.

The secretariat of the Slp Cisl Palermo and Trapani

During the debate, the great transformations taking place in the postal sector, its natural evolution, connected to the advent of the net-economy and the digitalisation of work, and the future that awaits one of the most important service companies in our country were examined. .

It was a Congress animated by some understandable concerns about job prospects but also by a lot of enthusiasm and participation, due to the awareness of the essential role that a modern trade union such as the SLP is called to play for the protection of workers’ rights. The works were concluded by the SLP CISL Secretary General Maurizio Campus.

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