Aeolian Islands, ports and houses hit by violent storms: run for cover

In Canneto, the number one tourist village on the island of Lipari, the large wall has been rebuilt, but the new storms have once again brought Marina Garibaldi to its knees.
The sea reached the road with debris, dirt and pebbles and it had to be closed to traffic. Since the 1980s, even in this village people have lived with the nightmare. In that year between December and January there was one of the most violent storms and the sea reached the shops and houses with extensive damage and also fishing boats and boats destroyed.
Now despite the works, the fury of the sea has unleashed on the marina and as always damaging it and on the seafront. The inhabitants have always requested protection at sea with tetrapods, to mitigate the violence of the billows, but once again we will have to wait for better times. As well as in Acquacalda which once again has come to terms with the damage, waiting – here too – for protection at sea with tetrapods.
Not to mention the old port of Sottomonastero literally flooded by the sea. And it turned into a big swimming pool. Between the quay and via Lieutenant Mariano Amendola, the busy area can no longer be seen as “alive”. Here too it has always been argued to secure the bay, lengthening the ends of the two marinas: the port of Punta Scaliddi and the refuge of Pignataro, but without success. And so there isn’t a safe commercial port, despite the powerful means especially the Laurana which could be able to travel, even with rough seas, but then due to the wind it would have problems docking in the ninth adequate port. Obviously the safe bay would also give relief to the floating piers which often have to deal with the sirocco. It is no coincidence that it has also happened several times that the hydrofoils arrive but the passengers have to be brought back to Milazzo because they are unable to dock due to the rough sea. Yet for these “extraordinary cases”, it would be enough to make the alternative ports of Pignataro or Marina Corta operational.
But even here we have to wait for the interventions of the new mayor Riccardo Gullo who took office in June and has become super famous for having already built the first public tourist port in Santa Marina Salina (now in private hands) and also started the Rinella work in the nearby Municipality by Leni. Ironically, even Malfa, on the same second Aeolian island with 2400 inhabitants, will soon have a new port. And Lipari with over 10,000 islanders continues to wait…

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