Adrano barber hides 700k euros from the tax authorities: reported

A barber in Adrano has been found to have evaded the tax authorities, failing to declare approximately 700,000 euros which were used to purchase various assets. Despite ceasing his business in 2017, he continued to operate and also received around 25,000 euros in agricultural unemployment benefits. As a result of the investigation, the businessman has been reported to the judicial authorities for failure to file tax returns, money laundering, making false statements in public documents, and aggravated fraud for obtaining public funding. The investigation also found that the businessman made investments of approximately 100,000 euros, using the money to purchase an apartment, a storage unit, agricultural land, as well as a SUV, three cars, and two motorcycles, instead of paying taxes.

Barbiere di Adrano nasconde al Fisco 700 mila euro: denunciato

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