Adrano, a member of the Salisi clan transferred to the Bicocca prison

Editorial staff July 26, 2021 13:23

The Carabinieri of Adrano have carried out a provision that orders the imprisonment for the expiation of the prison sentence issued by the Court of Appeal of Catania, arresting the 44-year-old Pietro Giuseppe Lucifora, of the place. He had been involved in the investigative activities relating to an operation in July 2017, coordinated by the Etna prosecutor, against members of the Scalisi clan, a mafia division of the Laudani clan of Catania. Lucifora, who was already under house arrest for the same procedure, was taken to the Bicocca prison in Catania, where he will serve the sentence of 8 and 4 years for crimes of mafia-type criminal association and association aimed at drug trafficking. aggravated by the mafia method, in relation to acts committed in Adrano and in neighboring countries since 2014.

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