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“Adopt a family”: partnership between the Movimento Cristiano Lavoratori and Portofranco Palermo

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A partnership has been signed between MCL Palermo and the Portofranco Palermo association, as part of the “Adopt a family” project, in order to get the expense to those in serious economic difficulties.

“I am pleased to formalize the partnership between MCL Palermo and the Portofranco Palermo association, which has been working for years in the social sector in support of the most vulnerable groups, organizing after-school courses to help children voluntarily, as well as with solidarity projects such as that of support families experiencing a food emergency – said Giuseppe Gennuso, provincial president of MCL Palermo -.
Specifically, we married the “Portofranco adopts a family” project to make the shopping reach those in serious economic difficulties, a problem that has worsened with the pandemic ”.

“Our commitment alongside the very young and those who win in the most difficult neighborhoods is renewed day after day and in Sicily there are school dropout peaks of up to 50-60%, as recently attested by a report by the regional anti-mafia commission of ‘ARS.
For this reason – he concludes – we are proud to support a voluntary association such as Portofranco Palermo ”.