Administrative, the final sprint begins in the 5 municipalities that will go to the vote on 10 October

After the presentation of the lists comes the final rush that separates five municipalities of the Etna province from the vote. Citizens will be asked to choose the new mayor and the new council in Adrano, Caltagirone, Giarre, Grammichele and Ramacca. Instead, Misterbianco will vote on 24 October which could coincide – for some municipalities – with the turn of a possible ballot.

As often happens in the municipalities of the province, under the banner of civics alliances are woven and tests of strength are given. One of these is trying to give the “neo-Northern League” duo Luca Sammartino and Valeria Sudano with the “Quadrifoglio” project. This is the name of the lists that the Sammartians are presenting in various Etna municipalities, thanks to their territorial roots. Ad Adrano the battle is between 5 candidates. They compete for the office of mayor Gaetano Birtolo, former carabiniere supported by a civic list, Vincenzo Calambrogio (Pd, M5S and Adrano Bene Comune), Fabio Mancuso for the Lombard area with three lists, Carmelo Pellegriti – former municipal and provincial councilor – forte of 5 lists including Quadrifoglio, FdI, Udc and two other civic ones, and Agatino Perni, supported by three lists and close to the Forza Italia area led by Marco Falcone. In Caltagirone the outgoing mayor Gino Ioppolo, strongman of Diventerà Bellissima, had already announced that he did not want to reapply. So after a heated discussion within the center-right – with candidacies advanced and then withdrawn – there was convergence on the name of the former councilor Sergio Gruttadauria of Forza Italia who should see unity full of intent, especially after the withdrawal of the autonomist Alparone who will support. The other competitors are Fabio Roccuzzo, supported by the alliance between Pd and M5S – which will also see a number of civic lists in support and with the presence of the brother of the regional deputy Cappello as designated councilor -, and Roberto Gravina, supported by a civic project and with some sympathy for the mayor of Messina Cateno De Luca. In the city of Grammichele the outgoing mayor Giuseppe Purpora reapplied with the support of the M5S, the party with which he had won in the last round, and of the Democratic Party. To challenge him are Pippo Greco, civic and close to the autonomist world, Antonino Aiossa, also civic and Davide Malaspina, also the latter candidate runs without party insignia but has as leader the former Northern League player Angelo Attaguile, the man who allowed Salvini’s “descent” and customs clearance in Sicily. The Giarre election campaign was also crowded with five candidates and various divisions in the center-right world. Leo Cantarella presented six lists, among them are those of Sammartino and Sudano (Quadrifoglio) and ua which refers to FdI (Conservatives and reformists); Angelo D’Anna, the outgoing mayor. is a candidate under the banner of civicism, and Elia Torrisi with the Giarre 2050 list is the junction point of the M5S, sponsored by the pentastellated senator Anastasi after the young aspiring mayor had attempted the elections to the Europeans with Europe. The picture is completed by Leo Patané, supported by 5 lists that collect the world of Forza Italia, the DC and civics, and Patrizia Lionti, the candidate who had to unite the center-right who then made other “arguments”. In any case, Lionti presented herself under the insignia of civism with a supporting list. Finally, in Ramacca there are five candidates for mayor. The outgoing Pippo Limoli tries again and will have to contend with the outgoing director Giuseppe Lanzafame, supported by the FdI circle and also by the Quadrifoglio list, with Nunzio Vitale, supported by the Democratic Party, with Teresa Corallo for the M5S and with Salvatore Alberice who presents a project civic and independent.

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