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Administrative Palermo, Lentini inaugurates the electoral committee – vivienna

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PALERMO (ITALPRESS) – A few hours after the meeting between Lega and Forza Italia which aims to unravel the mess Palermo, in the ranks of the center-right there are those who decide to continue on their way.
Totò Lentini, candidate with the autonomists of the Alliance for Palermo and Palermo European city, takes advantage of the inauguration of the electoral committee in Piazza Sturzo to reiterate that a step back is not part of the plans and outlines the first objectives to revive the city.
Over a hundred people attended the event.
The opening of the electoral campaign and the presentation of the candidates are scheduled for Thursday 14 April at the Politeama multiplex cinema.
“In the center-right they did everything to convince me to take a step back: they didn’t succeed -, explains Lentini, -“ I know I’m facing a difficult challenge, but I will not escape for any reason.
We will go on day and night until the polls close ”.

At the moment, in addition to the autonomist candidate, four others are in the field for the center-right: Fratelli d’Italia focuses on Carolina Varchi, the League on Francesco Scoma (candidate with the First Italy list), UDC on Roberto Lagalla and Forza Italia on Francesco Cascio (net of internal clutches).
A scenario on which Lentini expresses his disappointment: “A month and a half after the elections, the parties are still in Rome discussing a name and a political project for Palermo.
We have started a program for two months already and we do not intend to go back: nevertheless, we will be ready to discuss with anyone who cares about the future of this city ”, he underlines.
Lentini’s candidacy comes after the experiences in the City Council and the Regional Assembly, following which he chose to take a step forward and put his face to it.
The goal is to present himself not as “one of the usual palace candidates, but a candidate who represents the people and who aims to be the mayor of all”.
Unlike those he defines as’ professors of politics, the path on which Lentini insists is that of direct communication with citizens, using the committee as a place to collect proposals.
“Ours is a long-term project, made up not of unrealizable promises but of commitments for the next five years and beyond -, affirms the autonomous candidate, – Citizens always remember who has worked well.
I want to show them that politicians are not all the same: the abstention in recent years in Italy is worrying, my goal is to convince the skeptics of Palermo that in front of them there is a group of people ready to change the city “.
At the center of Lentini’s political agenda is the relaunch of essential services: viability, open spaces, management of cemeteries.
“On these aspects in recent years Palermo has encountered a thousand difficulties -, he underlines, – Today the children do not have a space to play outdoor sports, viale Regione Siciliana and the cemeteries are in disastrous conditions: I am ready to put my face to completion of a serious relaunch project “.