Administrative instructor and technical instructor, calls for two recruitments to the Municipality of Polizzi

Called by Municipality of Polizzi Generosa a call for applications for full-time and permanent employment for the following professional figures: administrative instructor and technical instructor. The places available are one for each category.

These are the general requirements for admission: secondary school diploma for the position of administrative instructor; Surveyor diploma, i.e. diploma issued by the Technical Institutes “Environment and territory constructions”, five-year degree diploma, old system (DL), in: architecture, urban planning, territorial and urban planning, civil engineering, construction, construction-architecture, for the environment and the territory or equivalent degree for law, first level three-year degree in: L17 Architecture, L07 Civil or construction engineering, L21 Territorial Planning, Urban Planning, Landscape and Environment Sciences, on the other hand, for the role of technical instructor.

Furthermore, it is necessary to be no less than 18 years old and not higher than that provided for by the regulations in force for retirement, to be an Italian citizen (Italians not belonging to the Republic are equivalent) or to be a citizen of one of the Member States of the European Union or be a family member of a citizen of one of the Member States of the European Union not having the citizenship of a Member State, provided that he / she holds the right of residence or the right of permanent residence; or be a citizen of third countries (non-EU) provided that he / she holds an EC long-term residence permit or holder of refugee status or subsidiary protection status.

Citizens of the European Union and of third countries must also enjoy civil and political rights in the countries of origin or origin, have adequate knowledge of the Italian language, be in possession, with the exception of the ownership of Italian citizenship, of all the other requirements. provided for the citizens of the Republic, enjoyment of civil and political rights, not having been excluded from the active political electorate, not having received criminal convictions, nor having criminal proceedings in progress that prevent, pursuant to the current provisions on the matter, the constitution of the employment relationship with the Public Administration, not having been dismissed or dispensed from employment in a public administration for persistent insufficient performance, nor declared forfeited or dismissed from a job in a public administration for having obtained employment through the production of documents false or spoiled by non-remediable disability and in any case by fraudulent means; school knowledge of English and computer science; psycho-physical suitability for the job and for the duties provided for the post: pursuant to Legislative Decree n. 81 of 9.4.2008 and subsequent amendments – art. 41 – paragraph 2 – the candidate will undergo a medical examination aimed at ascertaining the suitability for the job for which he will be assigned. The positive medical judgment will be indispensable for the purposes of recruitment, fulfillment of military obligations imposed by the law on recruitment (for Italian male candidates born within 31.12.1985) or regular position with regard to the obligation provided for by the laws of the country of membership (only for non-Italian citizens).

The application must be submitted by August 28th in the following ways: delivered directly to the Protocol Office of the Municipality of Polizzi Generosa. The application must be placed inside a sealed envelope bearing, on the outside, the indication of the sender and the indication of the selection for which it is competing. Sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the following address: to the Head of Area I of the Municipality of Polizzi Generosa – Piazza Caruso – 90028 olizzi Genesiosa (PA)). The envelope containing the application must indicate the selection for which you are competing.

Sent by certified e-mail (PEC) to; specifying, in the subject, the indication of the selection for which it is competing, as well as the name, surname and address of the candidate. It should be noted that the shipment via e-mail can only be carried out using a certified e-mail address, noting that e-mails sent from non-certified e-mail addresses or sent to e-mail addresses of the Entity other than the one indicated above.
Attachments must be in PDF format only. In the case of forwarding of the application by certified e-mail (PEC), the date of actual receipt by the Municipality will prevail.

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