Administrative in Porto Empedocle, is running for mayor: 5 candidates

Editorial team 15 September 2021 15:28

Share The prospect of Andrea Camilleri’s Vigata is full of candidacies for mayor. There are in fact five mayoral candidates who will compete for the seat in via Roma in the next administrative elections. Let’s start with the outgoing mayor, Ida Carmina, who will be a candidate with the 5 Star Movement and who has indicated Rossella Libra, Francesco La Novara and Giuseppe Morreale as designated assessors. Followed, in alphabetical order, by the former candidate for mayor Gianni Hamel, supported by Primavera Empedoclina; the engineer Salvo Iacono, supported by the Development for Porto Empedocle, Liberi and Capaci and Isola Empedoclina and who appointed Maurizio Restivo, Calogero Provenzano and Rosetta Casella as councilors; the municipal councilor Rino Lattuca, supported by the Brothers of Italy, Lattuca Mayor, SiAMo Vigata and Udc lists and who appointed Stefania Falzone, Sergio Taormina, Salvatore Prestia and Francesco Messina as councilors, and the former provincial and municipal councilor Calogero Martello, supported by Noi Per and Forza Italia. (article being updated)

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