Addaura, slips from the rocks while fishing and is swallowed by the sea: saved by a policeman


He slips from the rocks while fishing, is swallowed by the rough sea, but is saved by a policeman who was in the area. It happened at the Addaura on Wednesday morning. To tell how things went was the police station. "The passage of a steering wheel of the general prevention and public rescue office on the Cristoforo Colombo waterfront was providential," the police said. The agents had decided to stop and observe the coast because of the strong undertow at the limits of the storm that would put the bathers in danger ".

Who risked big was a fisherman who, in an attempt to recover the fishing rod fallen into the water, entered the sea but was no longer able to get out. The two policemen rescued him from the top, who observed the scene "and perceived the gravity of the event – still tell from the police station -. One of the two agents did not hesitate …

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