Active reimbursements for Csen – Ragusa companies


The Covid reimbursement platform is already active in favor of Csen affiliated companies. Reimbursements concern expenses incurred for sanitization and Dip purchase, and / or for expenses incurred for participation in Csen tenders and events (2020 and / or 2021). To make the request, simply connect to the institution’s website. The platform will be active until 2 pm on Wednesday 5 May 2021. The sports promotion body therefore offers directly to the members, with the awareness of having to guarantee support of a certain type to overcome the difficulties and inconveniences caused by the pandemic in the ‘last year.

Says the president of Csen Ragusa, Sergio Cassisi: “We are moving in the knowledge that our repayments will certainly not resolve the situation but, in any case, they will provide a relief to the overall heaviness of what is happening. We hope to get out of this complicated moment as soon as possible ”.