Acquitted in Palermo after risk of jail for driving without a license

Subject to the precautionary measure of oral notice, a 28-year-old man from Palermo was stopped without a driver’s license and was tried for the aggravation of the measure, but was acquitted. The reason? Driving without a license is not considered a criminal offense but simply an administrative sanction because it is not among the “wrong” behaviors when under the regime of oral notice. The defense lawyer demonstrated that his client’s behavior did not exceed the limits of the oral notice itself, and therefore did not result in an aggravation of the penalty. The recent jurisprudence of simple oral notice was crucial in the acquittal, as driving without a license falls under administrative rather than criminal law.

Sottoposto ad avviso orale rischia il carcere perchè guida senza patente, assolto a Palermo

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