Acireale, Rosaria’s 100th anniversary: ​​crossword puzzles and irony to train the mind

The secret to her longevity is probably a healthy life, but what makes her so lucid at 100 is her ability to train her mind. She does it through crosswords, but also thanks to her irony. Looking at the face and the smile of Rosaria D’Agata it certainly would not seem to have a centenary in front of us. Yet she has blown out 100 candles, while Acireale has dedicated a real party to her.

Her name is known to all, who actually still remember her as the refined and elegant “Lady of King Sport” because for decades she was the owner of a “cult” shop for Acireale.

She celebrated her milestone with relatives, friends, rejoicing in the homage of the mayor, Stefano Alì, who gave her a plaque and flowers. Before the toast, the mass celebrated by Don Mario Camera, parish priest of Stazzo. In the festive atmosphere, many emotions and memories, in particular those linked to her husband Mario Di Re, “wizard of engines”, who died on January 17, 1992, and to his son Salvatore, who died prematurely on November 3, 2003. Alongside Mrs. Rosaria , also the children Liliana and Michele, the daughters-in-law, 7 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

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