Acireale bishop rediscovers Santa Caterina from Genoa: “Innovative form of Franciscan tradition”

On Wednesday, October 25th, the book “Burned by Love – The life and works of St. Catherine of Genoa” will be presented at the Episcopal Seminary in Acireale. The book, published by Tau Editrice, is the result of the study conducted by Bishop Antonino Raspanti of Acireale. Monsignor Giovanni Mammino, the rector of the seminary, will introduce the evening and then pass the floor to the preface curator, Father Roberto Tarquini, a priest from the diocese of Terni, and Father Gianpaolo Bonanno, the director of the Oasis Center in Aci Sant’Antonio. Bishop Raspanti describes his work as following the Franciscan tradition of Saint Bonaventure and Jacopone da Todi, while bringing a unique and innovative approach. The book presents the strong testimony of the life of the Genoese saint, lived between the late 1400s and the first decade of the 1500s, through the translation of her writings into contemporary language. The book is seen as a literary and mystical treasure, previously overlooked by scholars, but now to be appreciated within the larger context of Italian religious literature. St. Catherine’s strict Christian upbringing, the loss of her father, her marriage, and her subsequent conversion serve as a valuable lesson today. She emphasizes the struggle against self-love in order to love God in daily life, especially in relation to the poor and the sick. A video interview with Bishop Antonino Raspanti of Acireale is also available.

Il vescovo di Acireale riscopre Santa Caterina da Genova: «Tradizione francescana in forma innovativa»

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