Aci Castello, woman on house arrest for killing aunt with poisoned spaghetti to inherit

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Paola Pepe, the 58-year-old woman arrested by carabinieri on February 22nd on charges of defrauding incapacitated persons and aggravated homicide of her 80-year-old great-aunt Maria Basso, remains under house arrest with the obligation to wear an electronic bracelet. This was decided by the Catania Appeals Court, which rejected the request of Pepe’s lawyer, Carmelo Peluso, and confirmed the detention order.

According to the accusations, based on investigations by the Carabinieri of Aci Castello, the suspect would have caused the death of the elderly woman in order to inherit her estate. The prosecution’s reconstruction alleges that a few days before her death, the suspect invited Maria Basso for lunch outside, where the 80-year-old ate spaghetti and dessert, despite a debilitating illness that required her to only consume homogenized food. This allegedly led to her death from pneumonia, as per the Catania Prosecution, which accuses Pepe of aggravated homicide with the intent of profiting from defrauding incapacitated individuals. Pepe, who was not self-sufficient, died on December 16, 2022, in a nursing home in Aci Castello, where she had been residing for about 15 days after being brought there from Asiago by the suspect.

This reconstruction is disputed by lawyer Peluso, who explains that there was affection and agreement between the two women, with Maria Basso considering Paola Pepe to be “like a daughter,” and they had traveled and taken vacations together. “If Mrs. Basso died from ingesting solid food – the lawyer emphasized – it must be noted that you cannot kill a dysphagic person by making them eat spaghetti because they cannot swallow it. She ate pureed and mashed spaghetti just as she had done many times before.

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