Aci Castello, the carabinieri arrest a young pusher

Editorial staff 06 September 2021 15:11

The carabinieri already had suspicions which were then confirmed by a house search. A 25-year-old from Aci Castello ended up in handcuffs: the military found about 15 grams of marijuana in the man’s house, already divided into doses, 40 euros in cash, as well as the material commonly used by drug dealers to package doses of
amazing to then put on sale. Everything was seized. Furthermore, during the checks carried out by the carabinieri on the territory, a 21-year-old offender from Aci Castello was reported because he was riding a Honda Sh that was under administrative seizure. Finally, a five-day closure was ordered for a public place located in Piazza Europa in Aci Sant’Antonio, since the sign showing the maximum number of people admitted at the same time was missing at the entrance to the restaurant. An administrative fine of 400 euros was also imposed on the holder.

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