Accused of sexual violence in the “Kerkent” investigation: 30 years old returns free

“The acquittal of the two co-defendants in the abbreviated excerpt of the investigation, together with the correct procedural behavior, the considerable passage of time and the punctual observance of the prescriptions imposed make the original precautionary requirements disappear”.

With these reasons, the judges of the first criminal section of the court of Agrigento, presided over by Alfonso Malato, in front of whom the trial resulting from the maxi “Kerkent” investigation is being held, revoked the house arrest against the thirty-year-old Gabriele Miccichè who was under investigation. for an episode connected to the affairs of the clan but completely unrelated to the mafia and drug trafficking that would have been set up by the boss Antonio Massimino.

It is precisely the mafia boss, the main character of the investigation, who – claims the prosecution – would have involved him in the kidnapping of a woman, who allegedly suffered abuses, materially committed by Massimino himself, as revenge for the fact that her boyfriend had swindled the car dealer Salvatore Ganci.

Both the latter and Maximin, in the abbreviated excerpt of the trial, were acquitted of this charge. In light of this, Miccichè’s defender, the lawyer Salvatore Pennica, asked the judges – obtaining it – to revoke the precautionary measure.

On the other hand, a similar request presented by the lawyer Salvatore Virgone for Angelo Iacono Quarantino, 30, accused of having been one of the members of the empedoclina cell of the organization dedicated to the sale of cocaine, was rejected. Also in this case the defense had emphasized that the other two alleged members of the group – Valentino Messina and Francesco Di Stefano – were recently acquitted in the shortened section of the trial. In consideration of the contestation of the crime of conspiracy, however, the judges rejected the request.

Seven are charged in this section. It is Pasquale Capraro, 29 years old; Angelo Cardella, 49 years old; Francesco Luparello, 46 ​​years old; Saverio Matranga, 42 years old; Gabriele Miccichè, 29 years old; Calogero Trupia, 34, and Angelo Iacono Quarantino, 30.

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