Accident on the Palermo-Catania near Villabate, one dead and four injured

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One dead and four wounded.
This is the tragic outcome of a road accident that occurred yesterday evening around 10.30 pm on the A19 Palermo-Catania between Villabate and the junction of via Giafar, just before entering the city.
Seven cars were involved in the impact.
To have the worst a 71 year old, originally from Palagonia (Catania), Giuseppe Ponte, who died after the clash.
The firefighters, the traffic police and the 118 health workers with various ambulances intervened on the spot.The highway remained closed to allow the rescue teams to intervene and the Polstrada to carry out the surveys to try to reconstruct the dynamics of the accident .
The four injured people were transported to Palermo hospitals.

The witness

“Four cars spun and one ran into me, throwing me on the guardrail.
I returned at 5.30 am, an episode that I will never forget”, reads a testimony published on Facebook by a woman involved in the accident.
In the commentary the responsibility for the collision is attributed to some cars that seem to be traveling at high speed, but the investigations are underway.

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