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Accident in Santo Stefano, crashes into the river bed: he dies at 65

Editorial team 11 August 2021 07:51

Another tragedy in Messina. Amalia Martino, an anesthetist, died in the night following a road accident. The accident in Santo Stefano medium, shortly after 20. The woman was traveling alone on board a citroen when for reasons to be ascertained she lost control and crashed into the river bed. It was a violent impact that left no way out for the woman who would have turned 66 on 13 December. To the aid of the 118 health workers, the situation immediately appeared very serious. She was first transported to the Polyclinic and then to the Piedmont hospital, the same where she served, and was subjected to surgery but there was nothing to do. The accident team of the municipal police also intervened on the spot to reconstruct the dynamics of the facts.