Accident in Fulgatore: a young man from Valderice dies after 26 days of agony

There is another victim of road accidents in this tragic August in Sicily. Alessio Campo, 23, from Valderice in the province of Trapani, died after 26 days of agony, following a fight in Fulgatore.

On August 3, Campo was seriously injured in the impact between his motorcycle and a car. The young man had made a flight of at least twenty meters, reporting very serious bruises in the head and lungs. He was also later diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia. The consequences of the accident were very serious and, after almost a month, they killed him, following another respiratory crisis. He died at the Villa Sofia hospital in Palermo where he had been hospitalized. He had turned 23 on August 14, after the accident.

“Words are useless in a moment of great pain! Our prayers did not protect our little lion”, comments Anna Maria Croce, in one of the many messages of condolence on Facebook. Even the Amici di Valderice group “clings to the pain of the Campo family”, while Giuseppe Maltese writes: “The heart in tears for the pain caused by the death of Alessio Campo does not suggest suitable words, even if in any case it would be difficult to find them, in front of to such a great family drama “.

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