Accident between 6 cars on the motorway, the video of another drama in Palermo: one man died, 4 injured

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There is another victim of a car accident in Palermo. This is Giuseppe Ponte, 71 years old from Palagonia, in the province of Cataniawho lost his life late yesterday evening on the motorway, near the Forum shopping center, between Villabate and the entrance to the city.

Six cars were involved in the accident, two of which overturned after the impact.
For the elderly man there was nothing to do, while the four injured were immediately transported to the hospital. The firefighters, traffic police and 118 health workers intervened with various ambulances.

The scene that presented itself to the first responders was terrible.
Dramatic images, as you can see in this video, and moments of tension at the scene of the conflict where the relatives of the people involved rushed.
The highway was closed for hours to allow the rescue teams to intervene and the traffic police to carry out surveys to establish responsibilities.

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