Accident at the Capaci junction, seven vehicles involved: at least 3 injured and traffic disruption

Accident and major inconvenience to traffic due to a rear-end collision on the A29 Palermo-Mazara del Vallo, at the Capaci junction, in the direction of the Sicilian capital. There would be seven cars involved in the accident, with at least three injured, according to an initial reconstruction by the traffic police, who, together with the 118 personnel, intervened on the scene of the accident. Traffic in the section on the A29 is greatly slowed down, as is circulation on the parallel state road 113, as often happens in these cases.

This is the second accident today, almost in the same spot and always in the direction of Palermo. This morning, around 4.30, two cars had collided. In one of the two cars was a whole family with two small children. Even here several ambulances and firefighters intervened. Only minor injuries and a lot of fear.

In Santa Flavia, still today, a car went off the road and crashed into a pizzeria. It happened around 4, the club was closed at that time. The high-speed car demolished part of the wall of the commercial establishment. The firefighters, ambulance and carabinieri attended. The driver was rescued by paramedics and taken to hospital. It was a minivan SUV traveling along the state road 113: immediately after the level crossing for Santa Flavia it ran off the road and gutted the wall of the Ramses pizzeria.

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